Music helps shape a community's culture and define the identity of its citizens. The River Heritage Region has a long history of musical excellence from the development of blues and jazz to the artistry country music pioneer and Montgomery native Hank Williams.

Alabama Jazz and Blues Federation

Blues and jazz hold a special place in the hearts of almost all Southerners. This volunteer organization is dedicated to preserving jazz and blues in Alabama. The Federation holds one blues jam session and one jazz jam session every month as well as numerous concerts and music gatherings. The Federation also offers jazz scholarships to students annually and promotes the continuation of these distinctively American forms of music through clinics and seminars.

Montgomery Symphony Orchestra

The Montgomery Symphony Orchestra produces a wide range of orchestral pieces that range from 16th century European compositions to contemporary American works. The Montgomery Symphony Orchestra began in 1976 as a community orchestra with 30 musicians and a part time director, and has since grown to a 75-member ensemble with professional direction and management.

Tuskegee Choir

The Tuskegee Choir is one of the most famous examples of a classic American gospel choir. First organized by school president Booker T. Washington in 1884 as a singing quartet, the choir grew in number and in reputation over the next century. Today the choir continues to be a shining example of Spiritual vocal music in the revival style.